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    Quote Originally Posted by dave.81 View Post
    We've had a growing Ruckus system for almost 5 years now but am looking at replacing it with Unifi AC units. The ongoing cost of Ruckus is high and now cannot upgrade firmware due to older AP's on our system so 2/3rds of the system needs replaced to actually use the support we are paying for. Dont get me wrong Ruckus has sat and done exactly what we want but TCO (i hate the phrase!) is too high for us.
    Interesting. We have found that these cheaper AC devices are still not as good as the Ruckus 11n APs

    Not sure what your layout is but you can get a new controller, 25 APs and 5 years support for around £11k with Ruckus until the end of this month. That is a good price and some of your existing APs could still be used by the sounds of it.

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    It's a lot of kit for the money i agree the thing that has put me off is that 3 years into that 5 they'll discontinue firmware updates for the AP's you've got and you've got 2 years of support with no updates. And for the money i could get 40+ AP's with Unifi, although we are still testing and could well decide the money is worth spending on Ruckus.

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    I wanted to pass on some reassurance in terms of firmware availability with the 7372 APs included in the bundles at present. If we look at the older 7363 AP they have been running for at least 5-6 years and shouldn't be going EOL for another year or so at least, with firmware updates still available as far as i'm aware. So based on this I would say the 7372 will be supported for many yeas to come (6-8 approx). So you should be fine buying the bundles

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