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Wireless Networks Thread, Quotes and advice needed. in Technical; I would say speak to @ Millgate , @ Net-Ctrl or @ CPLTD Net-Ctrl and CPLTD did quotes and checks ...
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    I would say speak to @Millgate, @Net-Ctrl or @CPLTD

    Net-Ctrl and CPLTD did quotes and checks for mine when I was in schools, and were VERY thorough. They also offered great support. I have no personal experience from Millgate for networking, but have heard good things. All 3 are worth a look, and get a full site survey done if possible.

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    We've just had a new wireless network installed in our 1 1/2 form entry primary school. We explored lots of options, but went for Ruckus. I'd really recommend it. We had a small wireless network in place already, but it wasn't up to the job. The Ruckus APs have solved all of our problems and it is working perfectly. We have 16 laptops, 16 iPads, windows tablets, as well as class PCs and staff laptops running off the network at the same time without any problems. @CPLTD did the installation for us. They were very supportive throughout the whole process. They lent us some trial kit to try out before we went ahead and placed the order and were really helpful answering the numerous questions I had. They even visited the site and did a very thorough site survey before providing us with a quote and site plan. I did look at some of their competitors to get comparative quotes, but was put off by the high fees for site surveys!

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