As a warning if you have or your users bring in a device with Windows 8.1 RT/Phone and you are using the captive portal the device will fail to connect due to IE11 not doing the redirect properly thus rendering your device unable to connect to your wireless.

Naturally Ruckus are stating that its Microsoft's fault as IE11 breaks a lot of sites but they are being very quiet on the subject and are not offering up a workaround or patch to fix it.
This leaves a lot of schools and colleges that have Ruckus hardware and took advantage of the Microsoft Surface offer in September with a serious problem, so if anyone from Ruckus read this please find a solution quick.

If you have a Windows RT/Phone device that is still on Windows 8 then your in luck, the following 2 steps should work for you.

1) Do not use the "app (Metro)" version of IE, launch IE from the desktop
2) Enable Compatibility Mode