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Wireless Networks Thread, Talk Talk Wifi in Technical; Hi Everyone, I have a problem with a Lenovo E530 running Windows 7x64, when the laptop is at school it ...
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    Talk Talk Wifi

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a problem with a Lenovo E530 running Windows 7x64, when the laptop is at school it works fine over the wifi, when I bring it home it works on my wifi but when the teacher concerned takes it home there is no internet ???

    I logged on to her laptop remotely and set the wifi up for her using the passkey that she gave me, she has tested this key on her ipad and her phone and gets on the internet with no problems. When the laptop connects to the wifi it connects fine then receives a valid IP address but no internet, I have tried a ping to yahoo.com and nothing, the proxy settings option is blank and there is no static IP etc on the wifi card.

    If she connects the laptop via a network cable it all works fine but not over wifi, I was unable to connect to the talk talk box as she did not know the username and password to login. She is using WPA2-Personel AES authentication, is there anything else I can check with me not being able to connect to the router ???

    Cheers in advance Marc.

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    Has it reached its limit of wifi users? Last I heard the older talk talk boxes would only allow 4 devices connected.

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