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Wireless Networks Thread, Can someone advise on a quality classroom based wireless router for a decent price? in Technical; Originally Posted by neilmac It wouldn't matter as the total bandwidth available via the WiFi is only 54 Mbps, so ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by neilmac View Post
    It wouldn't matter as the total bandwidth available via the WiFi is only 54 Mbps, so 10 devices would end up with about 2 Mbps each on the wifi side, assuming all can modulate at 54 Mbps. The reality will be less.

    The ethernet wouldn't be a bottleneck.

    The free HP access points is a generous offer, but I think in this case the OP needs to get something more modern.

    The MSM422 are dual band 2.4 & 5ghz Wireless N, so unless your looking for something running AP, than they ought to suffice in stand alone mode as a pretty much FOC option.

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    I'll stand corrected, I must have looked at an older spec sheet - I was sure I saw 802.11n modulations only available in 5 GHZ.

    2.4 GHz, 5 GHz - Switchable
    Tx 1 tested Spatial Streams 2.4 GHz
    Rx 1 tested Spatial Streams 2.4 GHz
    Tx 2 tested Spatial Streams 5 GHz
    Rx 2 tested Spatial Streams 5 GHz40 MHz operation in 5 GHz

    The max rate available then will be 72.2 Mbps, probably 65 Mbps without short guard interval, so very little benefit over the current 54 Mbps, though it's a more advanced AP and will use better signal processing and error recovery.

    You are right it, it is indeed a generous offer and will give the OP a chance to immediately see the impact of switching to N, though 2x2 in 2.4 Ghz would be better, though his devices may not support it.

    These will buy time and may even be enough to solve the problem, it's kind of you to offer.

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    Thanks for the generous offer steve,

    We have gone down the Ruckus route and purchased two Ruckus Zoneflex 7962 Ap's, got a really good deal on them as they are being replaced with an updated model,

    We have had them wired to a gigabit switch using cat 6 cable, fingers crossed for tomorrow when the kids start using them for real...

    Could not have done it with out everyone's help especially Net ctrl and Neil mac ann all the others.

  4. Thanks to captainplanet1 from:

    Net-Ctrl (4th November 2013)

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