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Wireless Networks Thread, UniFi - How good is it? in Technical; Have one site running standard UAPs and one with Pros for over a year now. Been faultless at both. Pro ...
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    Have one site running standard UAPs and one with Pros for over a year now. Been faultless at both. Pro site has 12 coveting the whole site with over a 120 clients.

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    Just ordered 3 pros and another 3 normal. This will take us up to 18 APs covering the whole school which is great considering it's replacing 32 ruckus AP's

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    Chris_ (26th January 2014)

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    We've been using a mix of pros and standards for over a year and we are very happy with them.
    Just the other day one Pro unit had 116 clients connected to it without any issues.
    Also, the Pros operating off normal POE is a win and makes deploying them much neater.

    I just wish they'd hurry up and realise a non-beta version of the 3.0 software and that they'd have the UniFi controller software show the logged in user's Radius username for easier tracking.
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    We've been running 32 standard APs and 2 external APs for about 18 months now and only had one minor blip earlier last week which was sorted out within an hour.

    I'm really chuffed with with them!

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    Running 27 on site now, all pros apart from the initial setup they are great - much better than the netgear we had all apart from one particular AP which randomly disconnects just so happens this particular AP is on an injector not a toughswitch so I have to reset it manually.
    Can't beat them for the price and they look really nice too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LukeC View Post
    Has anyone had these in for a 1year+? If so how are they preforming how many devices do you have connected on average?
    My oldest (Educational) installation is almost 3 years, 14 APs, ave 180 Users Per day with average 35 GB of traffic per day 100% uptime.

    Another 3 yr site is 22 APs, ave 56 users with regular private network use and public access of over 500 users on many days average 20GB per day 100% uptime.
    We are in the process of upgrading the highest use points to UAP-Outdoor AC as the demand in these areas will likely double next year.

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    We've just finished our installation of 24 points for light staff use and heavier guest use, all standard APs. Really pleased with them. Had a primary install of 11 AP's (and a spare) recently which was also fantastic, easy to set up, perfect reliability and uptime and heavier general use than secondary (more mobile devices). Very, very happy.

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