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Wireless Networks Thread, School wide wireless dropping. in Technical; Check and see if there are any new firmware and update just one access point to see how it performs. ...
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    Check and see if there are any new firmware and update just one access point to see how it performs. Best of luck

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    I would first start with a spectrum analysis of the areas affected. looking for any patterns in time of day the issue occurs perhaps?

    I would also get some sniffing going and to make it easier to analyse use Eye. P.A from metageek (believe it is still a 30day trial)

    Dirty way to get a wifi card into monitor mode:

    1)Get some flavour of debian (other disto;s are available ) running.
    2)apt-get install aircrack-ng
    3)airmon-ng start <interface> e.g airmon-ng start wlan0
    4)airodump-ng mon0 -c <channel number> -w <filename.pcap>

    This will let you know form a protocol level what is going on.

    Dos_Box is right about the .11b guys.

    The worse part is the b client doesn't even need to associate to the WLAN. The AP just needs to hear it's probe request to enable the protection mode in its own beacon... Then the AP next to it hears the beacon from the original AP... It detects the non ERP client protection mode and enables the same flag... the ripple continues.

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    Not true about 802.11b devices.

    While the standard does allow for AP's to trigger protection on hearing an 802.11b probe request, manufacturers decided to do it on association.

    An AP will announce protection in a beacon by setting the use protection bit to 1, and also use the Non-erp bit to signal if a non-erp station is associated. Only neighbouring APs invoke protection, the next in line don`t if the non-erp bit is set to 0

    And this is for 802.11 b only devices.


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