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Back to the problem. Set up one ssid on an access point, with WPA encryption. Get a leptop and remove all of the predefined wlan profiles, then try to connect to the access point as if it were a new connection. View the AP logs to see if it gives you any diagnostics.
Having done a lot more troubleshooting, and tested many combinations of laptop and WAP, the problem only seems to be with the Lenovo/Intel Centrino chipset and the WG302 running any form of WPA encryption. The Lenovo connects without issue to the WNDAP350 and WPA, and the WG302 and WEP. The built-in WG302 log is pretty useless so I will have to get SYSLOG up and running, which I haven't done for a while.

We're changing the key tomorrow, so I'll have to leave a second SSID for WEP enabled until I can figure out what's wrong. Could it be that these (very old) WG302 APs just aren't going to be compatible with this Intel wireless chipset?...