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Wireless Networks Thread, A cheap and effective wireless network in Technical; Hey guys (Short update): I managed to move out of my toxic home and get a place that I can ...
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    A cheap and effective wireless network

    Hey guys (Short update): I managed to move out of my toxic home and get a place that I can receive help to paying for. Its a medium sized room with 3 other rooms in the building, shared bathroom, toilet and kitchen, right outside my door there is an phone connection box ( I think its called an RJ45 box ), whether or not the line is live or not is unknown.

    I have a blackberry and a t mobile sim card, and a lap top that I want to be able to connect to the internet with, I need to surf the net for jobs, to check my email and would like to have the ability to stream films, download them to. What are my options?

    P.S anyone got a cheap mini fridge they can sell me? Kitchen here is really filthy, and i don't want my bacon, milk or eggs getting nicked.
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    As no-one else has given this a punt...

    I'd set up the BB to check your emails and then use free public hotspots (libraries probably the best bet) to look for jobs. Forget about the movies until you have a job and can afford a better place and/or to pay an ISP.

    Fridge: sign up with Freecycle and/or the other one whose name I can't remember - you may get lucky and get a freebie. Also check the local British Heart Foundation Furniture/Electricals place. If you're paying for electricity I thought those mini fridges were notoriously expensive to run, btw.

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    Unlock your phone and get a 3 Mobile Sim with all you can eat data tether your laptop to it.

    Plan B, is there a BT Wifi Hotspot nearby? They only need a mobile number and a password if your own provider doesn't give you access find a friend who does!
    I get Free BT Wifi with EE and I share my login details with my wife who doesn't have such on her phone and iPad it works for her!

    Plan C get an unlocked MiFi from Ebay and a 12GB 3 data Sim from Amazon £54 that way you can get a years mobile broadband for about £80 no contract which is about as cheap as it gets I think.

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