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Wireless Networks Thread, Meru and Smoothwall in Technical; Hi all, I am new to this so forgive me if someone has already covered this topic. I have just ...
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    Cool Meru and Smoothwall

    Hi all,
    I am new to this so forgive me if someone has already covered this topic. I have just graduated and have started as a technician at a local school and we have just had Meru Wireless installed. 40 AP's with really good coverage.

    We have Smoothwall running for our proxy with is really good and i have setup a transparent Proxy so it will pickup anything on the network on port 80 and filter it. We had tendered for our wireless and the company who has done all of the work so far has got stuck on configuring the meru wireless to point to the proxy.

    Does anyone know where this is in the Console? or would we even need to point it to the proxy? We need the proxy to be pushed to all third party devices that are not on the domain such as phones tablets etc. is this the best way around it?

    Any ideas would be cool


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    Which is it you want to do?

    Specify a proxy for clients


    Use a transparent proxy

    If you want transparent, then surely there is nothing to configure, as long as the wireless clients end up routing out via the smoothwall box. https can't be filtered transparently beyond destination ssl domain iirc.

    If you want devices to automatically pick up the proxy details then you are going to need to set a proxy.pac/wpad.dat in DNS and DHCP, when set to automatic this will work with XP/7/8 iOS 6 or later devices
    If you want Android to automatically pick up proxy settings, well it's tough, you can't

    Depending on what is providing the DHCP for the wireless then there may be settings for DHCP option 252 on the Meru controller (I've just done the same for an Aruba setup, although it's not in the GUI).

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