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Wireless Networks Thread, Wireless network SSID stopped working after certificate expired in Technical; I have a wireless network setup with multiple SSIDs for the past couple of years using a RADIUS server on ...
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    Question Wireless network SSID stopped working after certificate expired

    I have a wireless network setup with multiple SSIDs for the past couple of years using a RADIUS server on two of the SSIDs that is on one of the DCs. My DCs are running Windows 2008 R2. Now I have checked the server for any event log saying that the RADIUS server has stopped working, but I have found nothing. The only thing I do know is that a certificate expired and it won't let me renew it. This happened the day before the two wireless SSIDs that authenticate via RADIUS stopped working. (it expired on a Sunday, and it wasn't working on Monday)

    I'm not sure how to recreate the certificate as I have never created a certificate before. Our last technician created the last certificate a couple of years ago. I'm not even sure what kind of certificate I would need to create or what to put in it. Even if I did recreate the certificate, I think it needs to talk to the NPS server somehow (or the NPS server needs to know where it is somehow). I can't find anywhere in the NPS server where you tell it to look at X certificate to authenticate RADIUS clients. I'm not really sure why it didn't auto renew. I think it might not have been auto renewable.

    In the mean time I have created a new SSID and have it setup using normal WPA2 encryption with a shared key. I then have the server push this SSID out via Group Policy (using a logon script) to our computers for a temporary fix so that the PCs at least have a connection.

    Anyone have a clue what I'm talking about and might be able to help me renew my certificates and get my two SSIDs authenticating again?

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    Which certificate expired? There are two, one NPS gives to clients during authentication, and if using EAP-TLS, one that the client gives to NPS during authentication.

    The NPS server will need a valid cert first, it doesn't give an expired one to clients.

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