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With the money that school's have available, that is a normal method of doing things.

Our core consists of a 5406zl with a 24port GBIC module (with 10 in use) and 3 24 port 10/100/1000 modules which connect our 9 servers and one of our admin offices. This cost us around £9k so far.
Not quite sure how to read your comment about money - I'd guess you're saying that schools don't have much money; I can tell you that they have shed loads more than FE!!

I've just done a whole building's worth of switches for an awful lot less than £9000 - I can only dream of spending that amount of money on one switch :-)

(For info, we're pretty much totally Netgear - this building was done with 6 x FSM7326, 6x GSM7312 and 14 x GS724T so we get gigabit to the desktop and PoE available for things like wireless access points and (some day!) phones. Total cost - £8947.76)