Hi Guys,

Just can't get this to work so i'll post it here to see if any you have any suggestions or recommendations:

We are having problems using the RADIUS authentication and i'm not too sure if we got it correctly setup or if our scenario is possible.

What we have is ISA 2004 configured as an edge firewall with 3 NICs, 1) on Internal network (curriculum) where ISA is joined to the domain 2) Another intreface that connects to our other neytwork (admin) and finally 3) the external interfaces.

What i'm looking to do is to use the RADIUS authentication from the other network (admin) as that has a seperate domain and isa is not joined to that domain. When i configure to use RADIUS it dones't work and the users on the other network are prompted to enter the user name and password on the domain which ISA is connected to.

Sorry for the vague description.

So far i have it setup as follows:

ON the other network (admin) i have the following options set. Use web proxy, and the port number 8080, the firewall client is not installed on this network and so the support for this is not configurted. The cliens on the admin network are configured as web proxy clients and also as S-NAT. On the authentication i also have taken the tick off the intergrated and selected RADIUS authentication and selected the appropriate RADIUS server.

ON the define RADIUS tab in general i have the IP address of the RADIUS server on the admin network (its also a DC for that domain) and is running IAS with the policies set).

Any help and thoughts much appreciated.