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Wireless Networks Thread, Mobile Wireless in Technical; I am just wondering which products everyone has tried and what good and what's not, In my position I am ...
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    Mobile Wireless

    I am just wondering which products everyone has tried and what good and what's not,

    In my position I am term time only +4 weeks so have all of the summer holidays off with the exception of the last week,
    as some of the staff will be in over the holidays and I will be away quite a bit I wont be available should there be an issue.

    I was thinking I would be able to take my laptop with me with some sort of Mifi connection to allow me to connect to school,
    I should say I will be in a caravan so will have an electric connection.

    Has anybody found these to be any good, what sort of speeds do they produce and which is the best value for money ???

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    My brother used one on an Orange contract as his main broadband connection for a while. As he found out, the device itself is okay but is obviously very reliant on your chosen phone operators 3G roll out. You'll probably want to spend some time staring at the different companies coverage maps to make sure you'll get a signal where you plan to park the caravan.

    I've used 3G on my iPad/iPhone with Orange/T-Mobile in various parts of the country and find it more than fast enough for basic web surfing when I get a signal. I think 3G is usually around th 5-8Mbps mark?

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    its very dependant on area. I use one as my main internet connection at hoem as by are useless (1mb 4 miles from a city centre) i get up to (on a good day with a trailing wind etc) 8mb on my 3 mifi dongle normally its nearer 5-5.5mb. I get similar out of my nokia lumia 925 again on 3 (be careful on prive plans as only some do tethering) but it has an issue with windows 8 and some intel wifi cards in that unless you quickly tuen on fips (and have latest drivers) it will bluescreen your laptop (and windows 8 now has a lovely sad smiley on the bsd screen)

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