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Wireless Networks Thread, Ruckus controller, do I need one? in Technical; Hi, I have begged stolen and borrowed to get some cash together to upgrade some bits of our wireless and ...
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    Ruckus controller, do I need one?


    I have begged stolen and borrowed to get some cash together to upgrade some bits of our wireless and I think I am going to go for the Ruckus stuff. I have a Meraki unit on trial which is fine but the cloud thing... .ewwwwee. Anyway, what will I miss out if I don't go for a zonedirecotr? (I can't afford one anyway so I will have to do without). I reckon I will get 6 or so AP's so having to configure them individually isn't such a killer but is there something other than that which I will miss out on.

    Really annoyed I missed out on the offer recently for the controller and 6 units but hey ho.

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    Hi @Simcfc73 i ut your question to one of our wireless techs here, and this is his response, i hope it helps!

    You will still gain all the massive enhancements over the Physical Layer from a Wi-Fi point of view.. and at the end of the day that is what Wi-Fi is for, right?
    You want reliable constant, high dense wireless availability… You’ll still get that with the AP alone.

    Here is what you will get:
    1)Ruckus’ smart BeamFlex technology (What makes Ruckus so great)
    2)ChannelFly (the new Ruckus smart channel selection methods)
    3)8 SSIDs per radio(16 with a dual band)

    Here is what you miss by not having a ZD:
    1)Guest Access features
    2)SPoM (Single point of mgmt.)
    3)WLAN service scheduling
    4)Bandsteering (steers 5ghz clients onto the 5ghz radio)
    5)WIPs (wireless intrusion prevention)
    7)Access Policies (Device based / Layer 2-4)
    8)AD Captive portal

    Etc.. the list goes on. The point is with the AP alone you are still winning over having anything else with all the bells and whistle… Great Wi-Fi is always going to be better than Google maps integration.

    Get the APs now for a seriously good WiFi network and get the controller at a later date, should you need it.

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    Unifi, if cash is tight, the way to go and frankly even it isn't, still buy unifi and put the rest of the money towards something else instead

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    I'd had to give a +1 for the Unifi Kit as well. Seriously well priced and functional robust pieces of kit. As has been pointed out, it has a free software controller so bang it on your server (with a bit of playing about it will run as a service too which makes it even easier). Certainly worth the look in for my money. Looking to roll it out at a couple of other places shortly.

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