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Wireless Networks Thread, WIFI.. Meru or Meraki. in Technical; ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris_ View Post
    Another vote for UniFi... it just works! There is no hardware controller. Just a service that can run on Windows/Linux/OS X, we have ours running on a Windows virtual server. You can run it on the cloud such as on the Amazon cloud services. Many of the features of the UniFi system work even when the controller isn't running, including zero handoff.
    Quote Originally Posted by m25man View Post
    I have several sites running Hosted Unifi on AWS, the cost is staggering... A massive 40p a month for traffic.
    I'm so disgusted, I'm off to spend £20k on another popular brand name system as its clearly obvious that spending five or even six figures is the only way to get decent Wifi in system and its not my money anyway so why should I care.
    Only joking... +1 Unifi , if Carlsberg made Wifi Im sure it would have a glowing LED ring in the middle.
    Quote Originally Posted by bshingler View Post
    well we trailed unifi and its a big no no if your school is looking for 1:1 roll out or any form of high density..
    we are now in the process of implementing a meru system and cannot wiat for a stable wireless setup +1 for meru having worked with there wireless before
    Hey guys.

    I am looking at revamping the Wireless network in my school (Primary, ~400 students, 20 teachers). Have had Meru, Meraki and AeroHive all come around the school, but their solutions are really beyond our budget. Have heard quite a few people mentioning Unifi of late, and am considering that for a cheap alternative. We have a suite of 30 netbooks (hopefully soon to be increased to 60, or have 30 Surface RTs added). How will it handle 30-60 students all trying to log on and access their files etc at the same time?

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    Just remember with the proprietary cloud managed solutions to ensure your budget will always be able to cover the renewal costs otherwise you could end up with very expensive plastic bricks mounted to the ceiling in the future

    Used Ruckus at my last place, very nice and got Aruba at the college I work at now
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    Currently we have 40 Airports dotted around our Comp.. With over 700 devices.. Id does the job very very well.

    Obv.. Not fully managed...

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    Hi @Phildw if you would like to add Ruckus to the list of solutions you're looking at let me know and i can get someone to give you a call to discuss it in more detail and answer any questions. We have a dedicated Ruckus sales and tech team that would be happy to help

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    Has anyone come across Open-Mesh? I've recently come across it. It has a cloud based controller, which is subscription free (unlike Meraki I believe) and the APs cost about £70 each. It comes across as a mesh type system, but its not a problem to cable each AP into the network to make it a non-mesh system. I'm planning to purchase a couple of APs and test it. Anyone see any show stoppers with it?


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