I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction here as it's probably something really simple that I'm missing!

I have a number of new Netgear WAPS (WN802Tv2) and wish to add them onto my existing network in such a way that users still need to input their username + password to connect to the proxy server which requires authorisation. At present it's allowing traffic to connect to the proxy server with no authorisation required, although is transmitting the device name to the proxy server - i.e. my ipad is known as Steven_iPad for example, this is appearing on our proxy server, whereas it should ideally show the actual username of who's connected - based on the settings input to authorise the connection.

Our other WAPs - Netgear WNAP210's are set up so as soon as a user connects to the Wifi network, and provided the proxy settings are correct they can get Internet connection whenever they input their Active Directory username + password.

The new WAPS (WN802Tv2)'s are on the same LAN as the WNAP210s.

I'm sure it's something obvious I'm missing but I can't figure it out!

Thanks in advance