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Wireless Networks Thread, RM Network in Technical; @webman: you would find these threads interesting...
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    Re: RM Network


    you would find these threads interesting

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    Re: RM Network

    But nearly all of those options will also be available via CC3
    Yes, because it's still Windows and you can do almost everything anyone can on Vanilla. But in practice you don't need to because the off-the-shelf config of the desktops, accounts, GPOs, server(s) file-system organisation and permissions et al do the job. There's very rarely any need for a script, but they still made a GPO for that just in case. You might need to change the odd setting in a GPO e.g. screen lock time, or stuff you're supposed to config e.g. proxy settings.. but that amounts to relatively minor tuning.

    I have yet to be shown in... that it will actually make things easier.
    Well if you're reasonably clueful, organised your systems in a sensible way, already fixed the inevitable oversights in initial design, have obtained tools or written thoroughly debugged scripts for this that and t'other.. then it probably won't. In fact it could make things harder: RMs output is imperfect and you might not have made their mistakes.

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    Re: RM Network

    Ok folks ... I am officially declaring this a vampire thread.

    Love it or loathe it people use CC3 and are happy with it. Some are damned fine NMs and techies, and should not be knocked just because they use it.

    Thread locked until further notice.

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