Hi there

I am after any feedback on Netgear's WC7520 controller. We have installed many a Netgear WLAN over the years, and apart from some noisy old b/g AP's (that were swapped out by Netgear, no hassle) we have not really had any major issues.

However, we are being asked to quote for more managed N times 2.4 & 5 GHz concurrently systems (seems the future is, no matter what the kids bring to school, the WLAN will support it !!!, the days of the autonomous AP are dead) and looking at the cost of the WC7520, it's no longer the "cheap" alternative.

But is it in the same class as Ruckus? Aruba etc? Yes yes I could ask the manufacturers but I like feedback from the horses mouth.

Also I would loved to hear from anyone that has experience of Netgear and Ruckus, and anyone that uses the WC7520 with CC4.

many thanks