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Wireless Networks Thread, Ruckus question - multiple sites in Technical; I'm currently looking at a Ruckus system and a good deal with the 3050 ZoneDirector which would handle enough APs ...
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    Ruckus question - multiple sites

    I'm currently looking at a Ruckus system and a good deal with the 3050 ZoneDirector which would handle enough APs to cover the entire school. The trouble is, the school is 3 seperate sites and subnets, linked via 100MB leased lines (2 buildings on one street, 3rd on another street)

    While I'm sure it's possible to have APs in different subnets to the controller, my question is more about how much data needs to flow between an AP and the controller - I assume it doesn't pass all data through the controller first? Just reading that back sounds stupid but it's worth checking! Essentially, is it just configuration, authentication and status info going between AP and controller?

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    Yep, sure is. We've got controller and AP in different office/subnets here.

    We've a VLAN for wireless traffic that goes to our firewall. And another for wifi management traffic that links the APs and Zonedirector. B00sh

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