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Wireless Networks Thread, Unifi - experiences and vlans in Technical; Over the past year I have replaced our legacy stand alone APs with Unfi standard APs (total 20 so far), ...
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    Unifi - experiences and vlans

    Over the past year I have replaced our legacy stand alone APs with Unfi standard APs (total 20 so far), the controller is running on an ubuntu vm happily for the past 6 months with no issues.

    Over the summer we looking to install more unifi units, I have been looking at the long range and pro units. We are also going to be setting them up with VLANs to separate student, staff and guest SSID.

    Would any be able to comment on their experiences with each of the device type (standard or pro) and any issues faced setting up with VLANs.

    Thanks in advance.

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    We use VLANs with our UniFi installation, with two SSIDs, one for our domain network and another for student use with their own devices. No problems with it so far. People would say to avoid the long range access points as in the UK their signal strength is limited to the same as that of a standard UAP.

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    Hi Eben
    having been in the wireless disti game since 2003 the subject of High Powered wireless keeps coming up. However there are 2 things that make your choice quite clear.
    1) A High Tx(transmit) powered device one end e.g. Unifi LR and a low Tx powered device the other e.g. virtually any mobile device, is the equivalent of one person shouting and the other whispering. As you get further apart the mobile device will hear the AP but the AP will not hear the mobile device. This results in support calls, as what you see for the signal level on most devices is the receive signal level and the end user asks "Why can I see the AP's SSID and get a signal but I get No connection/slow connection".
    More AP's is better for good coverage and performance (I will be happy to explain further if you wish).
    High Powered to High Powered for PtP PtMP and Unifi Wireless Uplinks is OK as both sides can shout. Basically Rx(Receive is much the same on similarily priced equipment with the same functionality.
    2) Further to Chris' point the UK is part of ITU-1 region(Europe and Africa). The ITU regulates the use of wireless spectrum Internationally and we are limited to 100Mw total eirp at 2.4GHz (Emitted Radiated Power) from the antenna. Which is lower than the States (200mW). Different levels apply to 5GHz but then the subject becomes more the material of a course.

    I hope this helps.

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