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Wireless Networks Thread, Quick Ruckus Question in Technical; Looking to expand the wireless into another building but currently have a maxed out ZD1100 with 12 APs It seems ...
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    Quick Ruckus Question

    Looking to expand the wireless into another building but currently have a maxed out ZD1100 with 12 APs It seems cheaper to buy another 12 AP ZD1100 rather than upgrade to 25 on the current one. So would you go licence only on the one ZD or run 2 ZD with APs split across them?

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    I would buy the license upgrade, the 1100 kit is new enough to make sense and you get the load balancing between the APs fully then and they will not fight each other off so makes much better sense to do it the right way

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    I suppose it also depends on wether you have room for the second controller, personally if it was me I would just by the licence and have a single controller, were just evaluating Ruckus at the moment thanks to Aggy at Net-Ctrl then looking at buying 25*7363 AP's and a 3000 series controller.

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    I would go for (if possible) a trade up in equipment. Whilst the licensing does work well for the 1100, you'd want something that could handle much more expansion should it be needed. One of the companies I dealt with in regards to ruckus (not a sponsor on here), was willing to trade up a ZD1000 and the 12x 2942 APs (equipment at the time) to a ZD3000, with an additional 12 APs. After about 3 weeks of haggling, they gave 45% off and the deal came to £8000...with this we got the ZD3000, total of 24x 7363 APs, (ZD1000 and 2942 APs was given back to them after we had the ZD3000 and 7363 APs in place), lifetime warranty, 5 year updates.

    Total AP's used in the end was 26, and they're expanding soon again by a further 10 as they expand to other parts of their site.

    Not sure that this will help with the decision making, but it is worth keeping in mind.

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