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Wireless Networks Thread, Excellent Wi-Fi Stress Test Report - Vendor-Neutral and Unsponsored in Technical; From Keith Parsons and Wlanpros - one of the most respected people in the Wi-Fi industry. 16 AP's tested vs. ...
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    Excellent Wi-Fi Stress Test Report - Vendor-Neutral and Unsponsored

    From Keith Parsons and Wlanpros - one of the most respected people in the Wi-Fi industry. 16 AP's tested vs. scaling iPad densities.


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    Interesting reading, I also love how they have a customised Segway for doing Wireless Surveys

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    That is excellent, though some of their methodology unfairly disadvantages some vendors. For example, by trying to mitigate the impact of beamforming of Ruckus' equipment, or disabling the other Xirrus radios they cripple those APs given the standard positioning of the AP's across the test. That said Ruckus didn't seem too suffer to much. I also suspect that only allowing 2 radio per test is why there aren't any single channel vendors in this game... since their systems are tuned to perform well across multiple APs rather that single radios.

    For a follow up they should test with six APs/12 Radios from each vendor across a number of rooms, configured for coverage and then for high density. And let the vendor supply the config - and make the config publicly available for reference along with SW Version information.
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    Sort of shows the obvious. You get what you pay for. Pay ruckus/aerohive prices and get the best. Pay unifi prices and dont expect to keep a class of 30 GDIs running smoothly off one AP. What is interesting is that I do run 10 ipads streaming off one unifi AP (probably not the same video type etc) but it isnt a pro and they are set to HT40 radio. According to this report the unifis got a proper shoeing.
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