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Wireless Networks Thread, BYOD with Ruckus and Smoothwall in Technical; Hi, SLT in my school have come up with the idea of a Teachmeet on the 20th March. What they ...
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    BYOD with Ruckus and Smoothwall


    SLT in my school have come up with the idea of a Teachmeet on the 20th March. What they need is a wireless for all of the delegates to be able to use Twitter, Facebook etc... Now the Ruckus kit is in school and working I have a functioning network and smoothwall. What I need to to be able to setup access through the ruckus kit and out the smoothy box. What do I do? I specify all proxy details within AD, can't do that with BYOD.

    Anyone have any ideas??


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    Just some stuff about this floating about in my head, perhaps someone could validate, or it might give you ideas where to start.

    -put another nic in your smoothie, configure it on a separate subnet or vlan. enable dhcp and transparent proxy on this interface.
    -configure your ruckus system to point your guests at the selected subnet or vlan. smoothie should pick em up on dhcp.
    -configure your policies for transparent proxy to logging mode, perhaps with some default stuff blocked.

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    Set up WPAD so that clients can auto-detect proxy settings. Your Smoothwall box can do most of the heavy lifting (Web proxy » Web proxy » Automatic configuration), but if you have trouble I'm sure support can walk you through it.

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    We have a similar set up to how jpaterson describes. We've got a Visitor SSID which uses the Guest Access mode on the Ruckus system so we can generate a shared passcode that all the visitors could use to connect their devices to the network on the day. The Visitor SSID is mapped to a VLAN which then goes to a separate interface on the Smoothwall server which has transparent proxy with no authentication set up. We have a visitor web filter policy for unauthenticated requests on that interface.

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    No need to do WPAD as you can just do transparent filtering so you won't have the hassle of ensuring that the clients are configured properly.

    I'd try to explain the physical/VLAN setup choices for the new SSID, but I think you guys covered it. Plus the last time I tried to do that was to @Dos_Box last week about the setup for Smoothwall and Edugeek at BETT and since then we're no longer on speaking terms ;-)

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    Hi guys,

    Did this get documented, blogged, wikied etc. anywhere? Something I'd like to get sorted out, but worried about breaking something.

    Did you get it working Denon101? Can you give me some direction or full instruction. I've got the same setup here as well with Ruckus and Smoothwall.



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    Easy enough, depending how your setup.

    Do you have guest wireless and is it segregated? If so you can set this as a location in your smoothie, then do an ident by location in your transparent authentication settings and have a new filtering policy which doesnt have 'social networking' or whatever the name is blocked.

    If you do your guest wireless through Ruckus you could print off 1 key for everyone to use, or give out individual keys to each people. Whatever you fancy really.

    That's how i'd do it and we have Ruckus and Smoothwall

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