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Wireless Networks Thread, [Ruckus] Does anybody else use the 'Channelfly' feature? in Technical; If we have the "Let Channelfly manage the 2.4GHz channel assignment" turned on (same for 5Ghz) the wireless points just ...
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    [Ruckus] Does anybody else use the 'Channelfly' feature?

    If we have the "Let Channelfly manage the 2.4GHz channel assignment" turned on (same for 5Ghz) the wireless points just non stop change channel number, endless activity of it.

    Whilst i understand this feature is suppost to allow it to change to the best channel number should it be that frequently?

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    I use it here and not entirely convinced its improved connectivity here.

    How long have you had it on? best to have it on for 24 hours to learn and it should stop changing channels aggressively. Thats what we were advised but that said, it was still doing it until i turned off background scanning.
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    Ours has been on for months and at least one AP still changes frequency every time it does a background scan (currently set to every 5 minutes). I haven't turned it off as a) it doesn't seem to cause any problems, and b) it's the only way to get the APs to use channels other than 1,5,9,13 or 1,6,11 without setting channels manually.

    We are in a residential area, so APs pop up nearby on all sorts of channels. I would rather it at least try to use some of the intermediate channels if they are free than sit on a channel that somebody nearby has stuck their home wi-fi on last Tuesday.

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    We had it turned on on ours and had one point constantly dissapear so that you couldnt log on to the network there, so we had all the points changed to static channels and so far so good. A good idea but didnt seem to work well in our situation.

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    We have it on here, just make sure clients have up to date drivers to conform to the standard.

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    I've had nothing but issues with ChannelFly. I currently am running an unreleased version of code from their support group to try and pinpoint the issues. So far it seems pretty unreliable. Cisco's CleanAir was much better.

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