Now our wireless laptops are being used in anger and I've had a chance to hammer the APs a bit I've noticed every now and again some of them won't log in first time.

Out of a batch of 15 all booted up at once it's usually 2-3 of them, get the standard "logged you in with a mandatory profile error" and I can notice the wireless LED on login not flashing in the same way it does when the logon process works correctly. Also as I've got verbose messages on I can tell machine policy isn't applied. If I reboot the login works fine.

APs are Ruckus 7363 dual radio, laptops are getting on a bit (Stone MR052s) so only b/g wireless chips (Intel)

I'm wondering if it's just a mix of wireless in Windows generally being a bit shaky, older wireless chips and the profiles doing it and it's just something to live with or if there's any further tweaks I can do (I remember something about service dependency from a few years back but think that was for XP and 7 was meant to behave itself better?)