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Wireless Networks Thread, !!Advice Please!! - Primary School Wireless Solution - connectivity problems??? in Technical; As a jolly aside... When I was in my last year at Secondary school we got a second hand RM186 ...
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    As a jolly aside...

    When I was in my last year at Secondary school we got a second hand RM186 network, think it was 20 stations. That took 45 minuets to boot and have Cascaid loaded on all the machines. not good for job matching . Was almost quicker to fill in the form and send it in the post to Cascaid...

    Does that even still exist???


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    Quote Originally Posted by alttab View Post
    there are potentially a number of issues at play here. as others have mentioned roaming profile size would probably be one. Under windows 2008 with win7 it's easy enough to go with redirected folders and have nothing but local profiles with GPO set to clear local profiles after 30 days? i think. Under windows 2003/xp you'd be looking at something like delprof if you were to go the local profile route or as witch mentioned mandatory profiles, both should be coupled with folder redirection.

    The issue you have with your wireless is that it is a shared medium, you don't have 100mbps full duplex for each client to pull down large profiles. Wireless by it's nature almost forces one to redesign, whereas 100mbps+ switched networks allows you to get away with all sorts of stuff. so design to keep things lean.

    And even without profiles depending on what's happening during start and post-login you could potentially have a lot of network communication going on and each client contending for shared bandwidth. Often wireless that's designed primarily for coverage has situations where a single AP is used to provide coverage to two rooms.

    This isn't ideal if you have clients with thick victorian walls on the other side of an AP with the 'strongest' signal or worse if you have a room which has the physical characteristics that demand an AP in the room but there isn't one!!! Especially if you have non-enterprise AP's on the other side.
    A good starting point if fixing the profile issue doesn't improve end user experience would be to get to the bottom of how your managed wireless works and optimises as far as it's control characteristics. Another starting would be to look at the type of wireless NICs you have in your end user devices and how they can be optimised [difficult if you've got cheap as chips NICs that don't take advantage of all the cleverness and high specs of modern managed AP's].

    ultimately you best is to manage expectations, your client server and network architecture should be architectured as such for a worst case scenario that each user can only be able to obtain single digit MB/s -. Sure in theory your AP can take advantage of multiple radios and on paper provide 450Mb/s and your clients might say they're connected at 140Mb/s or whatever but this is real world where the AP just cannot physically dedicate 100meg to each client during the duration of it's login -many portable devices don't even have the hardware to connect at close to those advertised speeds anyway, unlike what even a decade old Fast ethernet switch and 10/100 network cards can do for instance. The important thing is to try and provide a good experience rather than expect to do on the wireless the same stuff that's done on the wired. Roaming profiles are bad enough on the wired, it can be tear your hair out stuff on wireless.

    Thank you for your detailed response. It is very useful. Are there any alternatives to roaming profiles on wireless?

    Would having more access points improve the situation?

    I will investigate the local profile route with my network engineers.

    Thanks again


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    There could be a number of things going on....

    Make sure that profiles are small...large profiles will cause an issue....
    Check what you AV does at startup.....check what else is going on at startup.

    It can be a number of things, and often it will be by trial and error...

    I would ask Xirrus to have a look at your school and do a free survey.....I would also look at your servers and network in general..it sounds a little old and in need of refresh...you do not want first class wifi using old infrastructure...it will only resolve the coverage issues possibly...and not performance for the end-user....Nothing less than 1GB per link and to desk...go 10GB at core and to edge if you can afford it...

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