I have one of my guys doing MDT 2012 on 30 x PCs with Windows 7. It has successfully been deployed on 1 PC so a test run was done today but unfortunately all failed with various messages(Windows update failed etc) not an expert myself on MDT2012 but I noticed it was very slow(we have new netgear GS724TS edge in that room where we image and a GSM7328 core stack in the server room)

The common thing to all PCs is that they all skip through the 'Copying Windows Files' almost immediately and sticks at 'Expanding Windows Files' for quite a while before imaging then errors.

Because of the variety of different errors on same build machines Im looking at the possibilty of a network issue so a bit of googling suggested using Multicast and IGMP snooping. I have set this to enable on the GS724TS( and added the ports as member (Netgear calls it static?) to the ports that the imaging PCs are plugged into..i presume thats how its one...but somewhere do I need to enter the IP address of the MDT server in the Netgear IGMP settings?

Now thing is do I have to set this up on the Core Switch too? Or in my logic would it be best to plug the MDT 2012 server to the edge switch of the room that we are imaging, and set the IGMP membership ports that way?