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    Buying cable - should I go with LSZH for £5 more?

    As far as I can gather, there is no requirement for using LSZH in schools, the cable in ours certainly isnt anyway. But I'm buying some cable to do a few points over the summer, and LSZH is only £5 more per box...so my question is, is it a no brainer or is there anything to watch out for with it? I read somewhere that it was less flexible?

    Also as none of the existing cable is LSZH then I suppose there is no benefit if there was a fire unless I changed the lot anyway?
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    The jacket is a little less flexible, but that shouldn't be an issue if you're maintaining bend radius. You do need to make sure you're feeding it without kinks - it's less "slippy" than PVC, but this can be fixed with cable lube.

    I'd check what your local council's policy is for IT cabling. We use lszh throughout because most of our runs aren't encapsulated all the way along (passes through a drop ceiling, for example).

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