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Wired Networks Thread, U4EA Fusion Wireless Lan Controller IP Address in Technical; Hello, we've been donated a set of wireless access points and a U4EA Fusion Wireless Lan controller from a local ...
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    U4EA Fusion Wireless Lan Controller IP Address

    Hello, we've been donated a set of wireless access points and a U4EA Fusion Wireless Lan controller from a local school to use in our school. The problem is the old school do not know the ip address of the lan controller and finding it out is proving difficult. they thought it was but when i connect it to a small network (just for testing purposes) using an old switch and a laptop, i configured the laptops network card to be on the same ip range as the lan controller, im still unable to remote in or ping it. I've tried using an ip scanner to scan the range around the supposed ip address with no luck also. I've also tried the above things but with the devices default ip address set by the manufacturer ( to no avail. My next attempt to find the ip address was by remoting into the switch (an old 3com 4200g i think) and finding the ip address using the arp table but time got the better of me as i've never tried it before and i didnt manage to get the dead done

    Would the arp table be able to tell me its ip address in this situation? Am i on the right lines? Is there an easier way to do? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. I would of contacted the manufacturer for a way to set it to default or a way to find its configured ip address but it seems that you have to pay for support or be granted it by the reseller.

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    What model is it?

    Does it have a console port on it? if it does have you tried connecting via that?

    Doesn't appear to be any obvious reset switch on the 300 model perhaps something inside the casing?


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