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Wired Networks Thread, Proxy design with TMG in Technical; Hi I was wondering if anyone could please advise me on a solution for the following problem. We are trying ...
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    Proxy design with TMG

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could please advise me on a solution for the following problem. We are trying to setup an ADSL connection for our college campus. The design would require one wan link to our main office and a separate adsl break out. We have at a 3560G switch in our server room at the campus which connect throug a MPLS link to our main site, but as mentioned earlier, we want to use a separate adsl line for the students to use the internet. Does anyone know how to configure separate the adsl traffice from the traffic going through our MPLS link? Any help would be highly appreciated

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    Assuming you have clients in a separate subnet/VLAN (SubnetR) at this remote site and they are configured as SNAT rather than proxy clients....

    On the switch at the remote site set the defaut gateway for that subnet to be the internal interface of the TMG
    Set a static route(s) on this switch to your other Subnets with the gateway adress set to be the the IP of the core switch/router at your main site.
    Configure your clients at the remote site to use the IP routing interface of the remote switch as their default gateway.

    Set up TMG in the usual dual homed internal/external way.

    Thus in this remote subnet traffic will be routed to TMG by default, unlesss it is specifically for subnets at your home site.

    If you have clients roaming between sites and they are configured as proxy clients as well as the above you will need to explore how to use the proxy auto config script to select the appropriate proxy automatically based on their location. You might also be able to use Site GPOs to acheive the same end.

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