First let me say, I am not a networking expert. When we make a change to our network, I get some outside help.

The network I am working with right now is flat, with no vlans, just one large broadcast network. We have some HP 2510g series switches mixed in with some unmanaged switches. We want to make some improvements over the next couple of years. Our first goal, is to separate the guest wireless traffic. We have enough 2510g series switches to get all the access points into a vlan right now, with an older juniper firewall doing the routing.

The next goal, will be to move to all managed switches and then add some more vlans and acls for better security (keep people from plugging random things in). As we replace the other unmanaged switches, I was wondering, is the 2510g series still a good switch to add at the end of the network? Just thought, it might be good to have things match. It looks like they can not create acls. However, if I would add a HP 5120 EI as a core switch, I should be able to create vlans and acls and pass them along to 2510g series switches. correct?

Any thoughts on what we are trying to do and the HP 5120 EI and the 2510g series switches.