I have a DPM 2010 server setup with a storage pool consisting of 3 NASs (iSCSI over a dedicated 1Gbit Switch).

I use the iSCSI Initiator build-in to Windows 2008 R2 to connect the server to them (there is a shared key which I have recorded).

Eash NAS is 3.5TB and I have split each NAS into 2 LUNs (2GB and 1.5TB). DPM therefore sees 6 disks (3x2TB and 3x1.5TB).

I need to change the IP of addresses of the 3 NAS boxes (QNAP). How can I do this to ensure that DPM will see them as the "same" disks and continue to use them (and the data on them) as the Storage Pool.

I really want to avoid having to start again with the replicas.

Is there anything I need to do in advance?