just to start off im new to NTP and it's ins and outs so it's safe to assume i have many knowledge gaps... so having said that i hope the following actually makes sense!

I need to set up a NTP server (pref Windows based but not compulsory) to keep time on the network. This really wouldn't be an issue if the NTP port in our firewalls could be opened, however i have been told this is a no go! (down to security paranoia) So using a NTP server through the web is a no go. THe other two options i can think of is i put in a request to buy a NTP server or some sort of radio atomic clock... However for our requirements this is overkill, We are just running a large test lab so even if we are running at +-10secs it really doesnt matter as long as we are within +-1-2min - astonishingly poor in real terms i know but thats the beauty of test labs it aint real world!

So i was hoping to use the internal clock on a dell poweredge 1850/1950, but after scouring the web for a long time i have seen many solutions to various problems but i can't figure out how to apply it all to my situation. Does anyone have any idea how i might go about doing this? IS it even possible (im beginning to think it may not be).

Additionally the current DC cannot be the NTP server as it is a VM (which is super shit at keeping time). So i need a seperate physical machine (the dell) to inform the DC of the time using its internal clock. Can the physical dell be configured to use its internal clock and then offer that out over NTP or even the w32time service to a windows based DC?

hope thats all made sense! thanks in advance!