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Wired Networks Thread, SSH Tunnelling LDAP over internet in Technical; Hi Gang, Got a simple one that im really peeved at my self for not getting over. I guess, these ...
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    SSH Tunnelling LDAP over internet

    Hi Gang,

    Got a simple one that im really peeved at my self for not getting over. I guess, these things happen to crusty netadmins once in a while.

    I've recently found the need and time to give webHelpDesk a crack and found it be all sorts of lovley, so much so im hosting it (as a service provider to a few disjointed schools) at a rackspace cloud server (do i get paid for this advert edugeek? lol)
    So what ive done is on my ubuntu server up in the cloud created a ssh local port forwarding tunnel to my schoolA which is port forwarding port 22 on external IP through all fw's to land at a DC which has a SSH Server instaleld temporarily and the look for port 389 (the cli goes: ssh -L 2020:ssh.school.com:389). This works, but i do not like it. Id much rather have a SSH server acting as a proxy that would accept ssh connections from my rackspace hosted WHD then pass on this connection to DomainController:389. This removes a attack surface on the DC of an SSH server and also will help with consolidating multiple external requests for ssh to internal servers.

    Where ive falled and cant get up is the ssh proxy server part. I cant conceptually grasp what sort of port forwarding (is it local or remote now?) i need to achieve what i want. Truly just a bit stumped here.

    Thanks for any/all help guys and girls.
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