Hello all,

Looking at options for gigabit switches with 10 gigabit uplinks. The most common options are either CX4 (copper) or fibre.

Although the CX4 module and cable are cheaper, the CX4 connector itself looks absolutely massive compared to a fibre cable/module. The cable also looks considerably thicker compared to fibre too.

I'm concerned about the depth of the switch (which is 36.5cm) + a CX4 connection on the rear of the switch being too deep for some network cabinets.

It's easy enough to find the dimensions of the switch, but not the actual CX4 connector itself. If anyone has one to measure, could you let me know the dimensions? Many thanks!

The HP cables on offer are:

CX4 cable - 0.5m 444477-B21
CX4 cable - 1.0m 444477-B22
CX4 cable - 3.0m 444477-B23