We have recently had a NAP server set up on our network, only for our wireless, and using our cisco access points. We have set this up with WPA2 and PEAP. However we now 2 issues.

1 - Wireless laptops are taking a long time to connect to the wifi at bootup, prolonging the log on process even more.
2 - Some laptops that have been NAP compliant occasionally get put on the 'naughty' vlan, and in the NAP server event logs show as being 'non nap cabable'. This happens occasionally on XP laptops, but happens quite often on the few W7 laptops we have. When this happens on a W7 laptop, we get a message saying SHA not present. I have managed to resolve this by stopping the napagent service, and running the script attached below, however this is not a permanent fix.

For the moment, we have not put health validators in the policy like anti-virus or windows updates.

Has anyone encountered these issues before and resolved them??


w7 fix wifi.txt