I have a winpe 2.0 (Vista Kernel) image that I am using over pxe to fix problems with machines on my network (there is no other way of me doing this). Currently, once the fix has been completed, I ask the user to restart their machine and not enter into pxe boot.

Is there a way I can boot into an existing installation of Windows from the Vista kernel? I have; XP, Vista and Win 7 machines running on the network so need a solution that will be able to boot into any of those. (There is only ever 1 OS on a machine and on a single HDD with the volume label C. I can get access to the C drive and I am already doing this to make my corrections but I need to move on to the next boot device.

The constants here are that I have to use PXE, Network boot (with no F12) must be the first boot option (due to the nature of business) and there should be no user interaction.

Any suggestions on how I can achieve this?