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Wired Networks Thread, Slow PC's up to login screen in Technical; Just seem to have started getting a problem with a slow network. PC's seem tp take ages to get to ...
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    Slow PC's up to login screen

    Just seem to have started getting a problem with a slow network. PC's seem tp take ages to get to the log on screen then a while to the desktop. Once on they are fine with internet, shared drives etc. Noticed I can only ping our servers using their name but can fine using their IP address. Does this point to something being wrong and could this cause our slow network if its having trouble resolving a name?

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    It may be worthwhile removing DNS from your DNS server/s and re-installing it ... Doing that has helped me in the past ... Its a bit of a shotgun approach but can save lots of time trying to troubleshoot DNS issues. If you cant ping a server name but IP is OK it points to a DNS problem somewhere.

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    +1 for re-installing DNS, also double check the DNS settings on your PC's make sure the DNS points directly to the properly configured addresse(s) of your DNS Server. The fact you cant ping using Hostnames points out a problem in the configuration of your DNS.

    What sort of Device / OS is handling all of your DNS requests ?

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    do an Nslookup servername dnshost

    if it fails then the dns server is playing up

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