Hi guys,

I work in a high school and I've recently created scripts to remotely shutdown PCs at the end of the day, I tested this on a room with 30 PCs in before putting it into full use and only 3 of them actually powered off. After a bit of research I discovered that the PCs the script had worked on all had file and printer sharing enabled so I set about enabling file and printer sharing in this room via group policy. Much to my dismay only about 10 PCs picked up this new policy -- or at least only 10 picked up the policy and applied it. A gpresult told me that every single one of the 30 PCs had picked up the policy but only those 10 had applied it. This was a few weeks ago now but today I went back into the room after some new software had been deployed via group policy just to check that it had all installed, lo and behold only the same 10 PCs actually installed the sofware, the rest just acknowledged that the policy to install it was there.

Any ideas what could be going wrong? It's getting fairly annoying now!