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Wired Networks Thread, 3Com OfficeConnec, Bromcom Switch & VLAN woes. in Technical; Hi all, I'll try and keep this brief. We have 5 physical blocks on site at the school I work ...
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    3Com OfficeConnec, Bromcom Switch & VLAN woes.

    Hi all,

    I'll try and keep this brief.

    We have 5 physical blocks on site at the school I work in. Each block is divided into and uses its own VLAN.

    Block A = VLAN 96 DHCP Scope 10.48.96.x
    Block B = VLAN 97 DHCP Scope 10.48.97.x
    Block C = VLAN 101 DHCP Scope 10.48.101.x
    etc etc.....

    We run a Server 2003 flat network, divided by switches (mostly HP Procurves) and we have one DHCP server that dishes out IP address for the VLANs, respectivly.

    In Block B we have several 3Com OfficeConnect 3CRWE454G72 11g WAPs that plug via PoE into a Bromcom 8 port switch. Each WAP has a statically assigned IP address on the 97 VLAN. The Bromcom switches UPLINK port connects via Cat5e to a spare port on one of our Procurve switches, untagged on the 97 VLAN range.

    Here's the kicker. When I attempt to put the 3Com WAPS on another VLAN (say VLAN 96, 101 or 102, it doesn't matter really) and reassign the 3Com WAPs respective IP addresses on the new VLAN the VLAN I reassign the WAPs too is instantly crippled and hosts on the VLAN cannot even get a DHCP IP address.

    I've checked that the switch ports are all tagged correctly (trunk ports are tagged etc) and the 3COM UPLINK port is untagged correctly.

    In short - as soon as I assign (untag) the Bromcom switch UPLINK port to any VLAN BUT the VLAN97 range the new VLAN assigned to the Bromcom switch is staggered and no workstations on the VLAN can get an IP address or access anything on the network.

    I've tried plugging the Bromcom switch into another HP Procurve switch and untagging the UPLINK port but to no avail.

    It's a confusing problem that I've tried my best to explain, so I thank you guys in advance for any help or advice that you might be able to give me.

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