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Wired Networks Thread, Remote Access Connection to our other schools in Technical; We have to smaller (feeder) schools P1-P4 located in different locations across the city. At present the connect to the ...
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    Remote Access Connection to our other schools

    We have to smaller (feeder) schools P1-P4 located in different locations across the city. At present the connect to the Internet by BT Business Broadband and have a BT Business Hub at each location. Teachers get School resources by connection in through Citrix.

    It is a 20 minute Journey from the main campus to visit these schools and we are looking at the best way to get remote access to computers to fix problems. All computers at these sites are running Windows 7 and are on a Workgroup so there are no Servers at these smaller schools.

    Should we be setting up a VPN between the schools or is there a way to get Remote Desktop connection or maybe a totally different way of providing quicker support to them.

    Any advice would be appreciated as when support is requested at these schools finding the time to get out and transport can be a nightmare and we do not have any experience of dealing with such issues.

    Thank you.

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    PFsense box with OpenVPN, it's free and easy to setup and uses PKI infrastructure so it's secure.

    This is what we use and it's A great system, you'd need to plug your Router into the PFSense box though and then PFSense into your switch and you should be able to dial in and access the whole network.

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    A simple VPN would probably be your best bet then use RDP or VNC to provide the remote desktop.
    Another option would be something like log me in 123 which would run just over the normal internet connection.

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