I want to take our old ISA Server out of our network as it's no longer needed. I'm rubbish at explaining so this is what i want to do.

Our original network;

IP Range: 10.83.112.X
Proxy: cachepilot / 8888 (local authority smoothwall proxy/firewall)

The we got some software installed that ran from ISA Server, they installed a new server for this which is now used for the proxy.

Network at present:

IP Range: 192.168.16.X
Proxy: firewall / 8080 (internal ISA server)

Basically everything is now routed through ISA, i think it means we are behind a double NAT and it's causing alsorts of issues.

I want to remove ISA and revert back to the cachepilot for proxy.

Is this just a case of disconnecting ISA and plugging the internet connection into the 2nd NIC on our main server? and then change the address pool? clear dns cache on clients, allow dhcp to assign new ip's and change proxy settings?

Any advice on this one?