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Wired Networks Thread, Can this be done with our current equipment ? (VLAN / Wireless / Smoothwall) in Technical; I was wondering if someone could help me with the specifics of how to set up a VLAN for the ...
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    I was wondering if someone could help me with the specifics of how to set up a VLAN for the network using Schoolguardian. No formal network training here and but this must be tackled, so any help would be very appreciated…
    Current Network:
    1. I currently have a network with a proxy for filtering at where is the Gateway.
    2. I also use the DHCP server which points to my primary DNS at and Secondary at
    3. I use the DHCP server to hand out static IPs created per MAC addresses of each client. And this, in turn, is used by Guardian Authentication to Identify by IP and filter by groups.
    So now I wish to set up a VLAN that will have use of all these assets including – DHCP server/ group filtering, internet access, and proxy. But not sure of all
    the hoops I need to jump through to get there.
    Here is what I’m thinking:
    1. Set up VLAN in Networking>Interface>Interface
    2. Set up New DHCP Subnet for VLAN at Services>DHCP>DHCP Server.
    a. Question here – How will I point to access DNS?
    3. Set up Routing Rule using Networking>Routing>Add a new rule.
    4. Set up Zone bridging using Networking>filtering>zone bridging.
    a. Question – do I need both Routing rule and Zone bridging?

    I’m I thinking correctly? How do I proxy and DNS? What am I missing?
    Again, any help would be wonderful.
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