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Wired Networks Thread, Adding an additional switch (Newbie Question) in Technical; I've attempted to install a new Netgear GS724T switch with the aim being to eventually swap out an older D-Link ...
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    Adding an additional switch (Newbie Question)

    I've attempted to install a new Netgear GS724T switch with the aim being to eventually swap out an older D-Link 1024R 10/100 switch.
    It being my first go at doing this I'm not surprised that I failed to get it working, but I don't know why.
    Should it be straight forward or am I missing something when configuring the switch.
    This is what I've done so far;

    The existing D-link is connected to a Mikrotik Routerboard, I left that exactly as is, and added a second cable to the router, which then went into the NG Switch. Connected a cable from the patch panel to the NG & Powered it up, LED's showing as expected.
    Plugged a laptop into the matching port which then saw an unrecognised network with no internet access (port worked before when connected to old DL.)

    Ran the SmartControlCenter software and scanned for devices, none found, I clicked the Adaptor tab where it showed the laptops wireless adaptor and the Realtek Ethernet adaptor, but the Realtek had an odd subnet mask of and an ip address of a range that I didn't recognise. The adaptor is set to receive addresses dynamically and it's own properties were blank which I expected it to be.
    The Netgear instructions assume at the start that DHCP is being used on the Network, but then seem to go on to explain how to set the switches IP address assuming you do not have DHCP, so to me the instructions that follow aren't for networks with DHCP server, which we have.

    Any ideas as to where I am going wrong?
    Many thanks

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    I'd try plugging your laptop into the port on the router and see if you pickup an address - if not, then that port will need configuring (if possible).

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