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Wired Networks Thread, Help with The Dude in Technical; I'm after some help with The Dude. I've got it running on an old PC and it seems to be ...
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    Question Help with The Dude

    I'm after some help with The Dude.

    I've got it running on an old PC and it seems to be working well, apart from the network diagram bit.

    I am running VLANs across the network and I am trying to map our switches/servers which are on VLAN 1 (

    The scan goes well and only picks up devices on that range/subnet.

    When the software draws the map I am getting network segment nodes with ( in between my core switch and the edge devices and have no idea why.

    We use to have a flat network using that range ( but when we moved to vlans all IP ranges changed including the management IP addresses on the switches.

    Any any idea?

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    Sorry I didn't see this earlier. The subnet scanning feature in the Dude is screwballs. I use it on my security subnets for monitoring IP cameras as they're setup with static addresses and it makes it easy to see if one drops; this also gives the added benefit of auto adding any new cameras I install, but for switching maps it makes an absolute mess. It only took me an hour or so to setup our high school by hand in it; which has about 50 devices between switches and servers. Once you get the basic map setup you can begin making probes for specific SNMP OIDs to monitor things. I've got it setup now to text message my phone if the volumes start to fill on our Exchange server amongst other things.

    Below is a map of one of the smaller buildings.


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