School network. Mainly Server 2008 & Exchange 2010 & some 2003 machines (almost all of them are virtual Servers: VMWare). All clients Win 7.
Lots of old kit. No money in the budget. Staff always complaining about network speed. I'm constantly looking for ways I can get a bit more out of the system.

Just started playing with WireShark. Running it on my machine, I'm seeing a lot of LLMNR traffic coming from all over the network. From what I've read, I don't need LLMNR because I have DNS & I can turn it off with a GPO... a little (very little!) knowledge is a dangerous thing - anyone done this? Upsides? Downsides?

Also seeing other traffic on the network that I think could be stopped, such as mDNS packets. No where near as much as the LLMNR traffic but still noticeable and we don't have any apple devices on the network. Again : I'm sure I can kill this with a GPO...

Any advice or opinions would be welcome