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Wired Networks Thread, Tagging VLAN 1 - Powerconnect in Technical; Morning all, As the title suggests, does anyone have any idea if it is possible to tag VLAN 1, i.e. ...
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    Tagging VLAN 1 - Powerconnect

    Morning all,

    As the title suggests, does anyone have any idea if it is possible to tag VLAN 1, i.e. the native VLAN in Powerconnect switches, across all ports, much like the vlan dot1q tag native command on cisco switches? We have a 2848.

    I know they don't allow it for best practice and security reasons, but like a lot of systems that start on the native vlan, it isn't easy to go round and reprogram each and every switch, just because Dell made a decision!

    I know the answer will be a systematic reprogram of all switches but thought I'd ask after googling failed!



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    In case those PowerConnects have a similar CLI as IOS (some of their switches are OEM-Broadcom Hard- and Software) and share similar Broadcom underlying FastPath software as a couple of Netgears. Anyway, I've even gone this far to ban VLAN 1 from every port (On Netgear in global config mode it's: vlan partitipcation exclude 1 all) since it's otherwise auto-included as untagged on every port.

    If you want to accept it only tagged without banning, there is no such thing as native VLANs as on Cisco. On those boxes you include a VLAN on a port (if it's not already), then tell it to be tagged (otherwise it's not).
    Then you don't want to miss the Port VLAN ID (PVID) setting which tells the switch what to do with untagged ingress traffic - that's most likely on default 1. By changing it to another (even blackhole VLAN) you stop accepting traffic on VLAN 1 on those (access?) ports.

    If you switches are as similar to Netgears according to the snippets I saw in the manual, then you might be able to enable VLAN ingress filtering which will make sure that even if the port is not part of that VLAN - memberships is only applying to egress traffic on a Port - ingress traffic to VLAN 1 will still be accepted on ports that are not members of VLAN (i.e. exclude it).

    Although not a replacement for a complete CLI manual it's already something, and if you are familiar with Cisco a couple of commands are very similar and I found the CLI to be quicker than clunky webinterfaces ;-)

    Good luck!

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