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Wired Networks Thread, Subnet help.... in Technical; You know one of those things where you just look and look and cannot seem to find the answer.... well ...
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    Subnet help....

    You know one of those things where you just look and look and cannot seem to find the answer.... well here I am....

    We have two Vlans, Admin network (Vlan 170) and Wireless Guests (Vlan 120) - Actually there are loads more, curriculum, AuthorityEdge, CCTV, e-Registration, Cashless catering etc etc but we will stick to these for now.

    My HP core is set as follows... (I ommited the tagged/untagged details)

    ip default-gateway
    ip route
    router pim
    vlan 170
    name "Management"
    ip address
    ip helper-address
    ip igmp
    vlan 120
    name "WrlesGuests"
    no ip address
    ip helper-address

    I then have a smoothwall on sitting in both vlans

    My global catalog server/dns/dhcp is

    My Question how come I can ping the smoothwall on vlan 170 but not on 120?
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    Is it because your Vlan 120 range is with a /22 subnet and this will overlap with the subnet??

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