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Wired Networks Thread, Multiple XBoxes - Boarding Environment in Technical; Evening all, A quick question, I am aware that XB360's do not play nicely when sharing an internet connection, do ...
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    Multiple XBoxes - Boarding Environment

    Evening all,

    A quick question, I am aware that XB360's do not play nicely when sharing an internet connection, do any of you on here operate a boarding house environment or a university? If you do, how do you (if possible) allow the students to have them in their rooms and all be able to play online/use the xbl services?


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    We have had multiple Xbox consoles on the same connection, its only certain games that have issues, usually when trying to connect to each other through live, latest gears of war for instance, I think the best you can do is have decently flexible firewall rules with upnp enabled and not too much Nat going on, it hates Nat.

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    We have a dedicated Cat5 network for the school owned xboxes, which allows local play and online play. we had to make it separate for these issues, but some games refuse point blank to cooperate, even over local going through a basic cisco small business switch.

    We don't allow personal desktop games console in our boarding houses, just handhelds. that way we don't have to support them when the inevitable call comes, "my halo isn't working- fix it"

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